Through the support of the AYE National Program Team, community organisations and/or schools are equipped to run this engaging and comprehensive learning program in their own community.

What it means to be a Community Delivery Partner

Community Delivery Partners are:

Passionate about

… being actively engaged in leading the delivery and development of AYE in their local community.
… the values of the program and empowering children to be innovators, changemakers and entrepreneurs.
… ensuring that children of diverse backgrounds and at all stages of development are supported holistically to realise their potential.
… social justice and sustainable poverty alleviation.

Supported by

… in-service training in capital cities and regional centres.
… ongoing phone and email support.

Connected with

… a growing network of organisations and schools that value children as innovators, changemakers and entrepreneurs.

Growing through

… sharing feedback and learnings with the National Program Team and the broader AYE network.
… continuous improvement.
… accessing ongoing updates to program delivery models, materials and learning modules.

Practical Considerations

There are a number of practicalities of being a Community Delivery Partner. These are covered in greater depth through the Expression of Interest process. However, a few things to note:

  • There is an annual license fee for one location / school (and up to 100 annual participants). This covers all facilitator and mentor training, ongoing support, and ongoing updates. Subject to successful application there is also the possibility of securing corporate partnership or sponsorship.
  • Nett micro-business profits must be disbursed to an International Development Project of the community organisation and/or schools choosing.
  • The required mentor to young entrepreneur ratio is a minimum of 1:5. Preferably this is closer to 1:3.


If you are interested in becoming a Community Delivery Partner please complete an Expression of Interest.


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