A focus of the Academy for Young Entrepreneurs (AYE) includes social impact and global citizenship. Consequently, it is a requirement of the program that the profits (after cost recovery) are disbursed to an international development project.

AYE does not prescribe the project or manage the funds. However, the guidelines are that the project must be:

  • overseas
  • focussed on children, education and/or sustainable poverty alleviation
  • communicated to the AYE National Program Team and documented / reported on in relation to the monies disbursed and outcomes achieved

Community organisations and/or schools may have existing relationships and commitments to international development projects and we are more than happy for these to be supported through AYE.

If you don’t have an existing relationship or are interested in exploring other project support options we are developing a portfolio of projects that you may wish to consider supporting and will be showcasing them here over the coming months.