A Young Entrepreneur Revolutionises Diabetes Testing

We love seeing young entrepreneurs in action. Will Grame started his business Diabetes Domination after inventing a test strip removal and disposal unit, and has revolutionised the blood test process for those with Diabetes.

The disposal unit has greatly improved hygiene around Diabetes blood testing, and Will’s business will donate $2 from every sale to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
Will’s entrepreneurialism inspires us, showing how a school student with an idea can make a big impact!

A New Year full of Possibility


Exciting times ahead.

Youth Development Foundation, Strathpine have chosen to run a program to help their youth engage with the wider community through entrepreneurial pathways.

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AYE heads to North Queensland


AYE is excited to be heading to Townsville in 2017 to work with the Townsville Region Indigenous Business Network (TRIBN)!

TRIBN are a not-for-profit association who strengthen the capacity of Indigenous Businesses and bring a representative voice to issues affecting Indigenous Businesses and community in all tiers of government.

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Earnshaw State College students graduate the AYE program

November saw the completion and graduation of the Academy for Young Entrepreneurs program at Earnshaw State College and what a success it was!

Not only did the Earnshaw SC students engage enthusiastically with the program and mentors from the beginning, their Business Day saw the entire school cohort turn up to buy their products and services and throw support behind the budding young entrepreneurs!

Congratulations to the Earnshaw SC young entrepreneurs on their success with the AYE program, and their efforts to raise approximately $1800 for charity.


Kid President – How To Be An Inventor!

We’re a huge fan of Kid President because, amongst other things, he demonstrates how kids don’t need to be ‘grown up’ before they can change their world.

There are lots of problems that need to be solved, and kids can be inventors too!

St.George Foundation + young entrepreneurs = something awesome

The St.George Foundation have thrown their support behind the Academy for Young Entrepreneurs ensuring that children, schools and communities across Australia can start something entrepreneurial, educational and life-changing.
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Inventions by Kids

Did you know that the popsicle, ear muffs AND the trampoline were invented by kids? And, more than a few kids have become rich off of their inventions before they even graduated high school.

Children are natural innovators. Click the heading above to view 16 inventions by kids.

Teaching kids to be business savvy

A great article by Tony Featherstone at SMH that pretty much justifies why we do what we do…

Although in response to his statement, “I don’t suggest we educate 10-year-olds on how to start an entrepreneurial venture”… We beg to differ. 🙂
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