Imagine a future in which children and young people across Australia are passionate about entrepreneurship and making a practical difference through social business.

Participants in the Academy for Young Entrepreneurs will:

  • Conceive, develop and run a micro-business
  • Develop financial and business literacy skills
  • Demonstrate an understanding of global citizenship and some of the challenges faced by children in developing nations
  • Benefit from local community and business partnerships
  • Continue to apply and grow their passion for creativity, innovation, and social entrepreneurship

In year one we have licensed the program to 12 schools in Queensland and South Australia working with more than 200 children.

In year 2, we anticipate this will grow to 25 schools and by year 3 we aim to be in at least 50 schools. Each year, more than 2000 children will be empowered as innovators, changemakers and entrepreneurs.

The financial impact will be significant both to the ongoing literacy of the young entrepreneurs and their families. Micro-businesses in year one will contribute at least $20,000 to community aid and development projects and by year 3 it is anticipated that this will increase to $100,000 per annum.

Longer term social impact includes:

  • breaking cycles of generational unemployment and poverty
  • increased international aid & development